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Health Certificates: Whether you're traveling with your pet internationally or within the United States, you may require a Health Certificate issued by our USDA-accredited Veterinarians. For more information on pet travel requirements, visit, and don't forget to check with your airline as regulations may vary based on the destination and airline company.

  • Lameness Exams: If your pet starts limping, bring them to First Coast Vets for a thorough lameness exam. Our veterinarian may recommend X-rays to pinpoint the pain and, based on the findings, prescribe rest and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and pain medications.
  • Nail Trimming: Prevent nail injuries and abscesses by bringing your pet for regular nail trims, priced at only $15. For uncooperative pets, sedation is available at an additional cost, depending on their size. No appointment is necessary for this outpatient procedure.
  • Expressing Anal Sacs: To address scooting in dogs or cats, we offer anal sac expression at First Coast Vets for $15.
  • Ear Cleaning: To prevent ear infections, especially in water-exposed or allergy-prone dogs and cats, routine ear cleanings are essential. Regular ear maintenance at First Coast Vets can significantly reduce the risk of ear infections or otitis externa, with the cost being only $15.
  • Hip X-rays for Hip Dysplasia Screening: Certain dog breeds are susceptible to hip dysplasia. For young large breed dogs, we recommend hip X-rays to screen for this condition. More information on hip dysplasia can be found at
  • Parvo Treatment: Parvo viral gastroenteritis poses a grave risk to young puppies, potentially leading to dehydration and even death without proper treatment. If inpatient treatment is unaffordable, First Coast Vets offers outpatient therapy, providing subcutaneous fluid therapy, injectable antiemetics, and antibiotics for 3 to 5 days. Successful outpatient treatment is also possible if the patient visits the hospital daily for at least 5 days. Learn more about parvo treatment in this client handout:
  • Endocrine Disease Testing and Treatment: Prompt action is necessary if you notice changes in your pet's eating, drinking, urination pattern, weight, or skin and coat condition. At First Coast Vets, we conduct endocrine testing, including blood tests, to diagnose conditions like Diabetes Mellitus, Cushing’s disease, Hypothyroidism, and Hyperthyroidism. Early detection and treatment of these endocrine diseases improve your pet's quality and length of life. Find comprehensive information on common endocrine problems in pets at
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Other Services Pricing

  • Fecal(Intestinal Parasite Exam): $25
  • Heartworm Test: $29.50
  • Microchipping: $39.95
  • X-Ray's (3 Views): $195
  • Ultrasound: $450
  • Anal Gland Expression: $15
  • Nail Trim: $15
  • Ear Cleaning: $15
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